My life as UX Designer.


I love to sketch and shape experiences, understand why and ask what if.


Angela Sanchez

Hey! Thank you for stopping by! My name's Angela Sanchez and I'm a UX Designer who loves to solve problems creatively.

My passion for designing started in 2006 when I began to study Advertising and Public Relations.

I started my way through the UX world working in FacePhi, a FinTech company specialized in face recognition biometry that is based in Alicante and where I worked as Communications Manager and UI Designer.

My first work here was to create a whole design for a mobile app called Selphi which was presented at Mobile World Congress 2016 held in Barcelona and at Money2020 in Las Vegas during the same year.

Searching for new challenges, I decided to move to Madrid and work for the biggest Spanish consulting firm called Indra. But, after acquiring all the expertise and know-how, I took the decision to keep going with my career and moved (again).

I'm currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where I'm working as UX Designer in a global creative company called MediaMonks.

Would you like to work with me? Don't hesitate to reach out.