designing a biometric mobile app


Created. February 2016

Industry. IT Company (Facial Recognition)

Project Duties. UI Design / Application Flow / Typography/ Texts and Content / Prototyping


Selphi was my first work as UI designer and it was a completely challenge for me.

Selphi is a demo that simulates a banking application but with a new access alternative: facial recognition technology. It was presented in February 2016 at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona.

We started this project analyzing the biometrics sector and putting attention on how the fingerprint users behaved with that biometry. 

Our main point was to provide the best user experience when the users had to register their face to make the technology work efficiently.

So, in that step we had to tell the users if they were doing a good job and, if there was any problem, also we had to tell them why (lights conditions, pose, sunglasses, etc). 

Finally, we did some tests with personas in different scenarios until we have all the customer experience closed.

For further information visit its webpage.