Mad Service Jam: 48h to change the world!

From 9 to 12 March I joined a great event based in Madrid: called Madrid Service Jam.

Here I tell you how it was...just keep reading.

Sacrificing a weekend to learn Design Thinking? It will be worth it? The answer is: for sure, it was worth it!

Friday: getting started

The Jam started on Friday afternoon (yes, on Friyay).

This Jam was held in Miami Ad School in Madrid, where the staff gave us a warm welcome they asked us to write our name (a nickname preferably) and our role (real role or something random and funny).

The space was pretty cool. It was an open space with a nice decoration and flamingos everywhere! 


To break the ice, facilitators encourage us to know 5 people in 5 minutes, so, we stood up and we had to “hunt” people inside the room. This it was very funny and it was a great idea to meet others.

Once we finished this first activity, facilitators introduced themselves and also we had a brief about the event, Design Thinking philosophy and how apply it. Our main rule was: DOING, NOT TALKING.

We didn’t know the topic of the event yet…we were so excited and curious about it and finally the moment comes: YES, NO, YES NO MAYBE…

My first thought was: WTF!!! 

My face in that moment

My face in that moment

In fact, they had to put it twice because the people were astounded. Nobody understood anything. At least I wasn’t the only person! 

Then, facilitators gave us some pos-its to start to work (doing, not talking). We had to write the first ideas that came into our minds, related to the main topic of course, and write them down. Then, while reading aloud, stick them on a big glass wall. In 10min the wall started to get full of colors, full of post-its.  



Once we had all the ideas in front of us, we started to make associations between them in order to make categories. So finally, we had seven categories such us Traveling, Party, Love, Politics...

Finally, each person had to choose one of these categories. You had to choose properly because your work would be focused in that category during the whole Jam. So, at the end, all the categories had a group of random and wonderful people. 

Of course, I chose "PARTY" category. We already had the f****** group!


Saturday: work hard, play harder

Well, we had the group, we had the main topic was time to get the ball rolling!

In order to focus our topic ("Party") we started to think in all the ideas related to this. So, we stood up and, like we did the day before, we started to write down ideas and stick them on the wall.


All these ideas were only the beginning. So, once we analyzed them and we had a better understanding about which way our topic was taking, we decided to divided the group in order to be quicker. One group went out (on the streets) in order to make some interviews while the rest were researching on the internet and making some phone calls...

Again, we decided to put in common all the results we had and finally our "Party" topic had a problem to solve which would be our idea: How to create a self-sustaining festival with green energy and, in this way, reduce waste.

We started to ask ourselves which problems we had to resolve in order to find our value proposal. 

One more time, we decided to divide the group (we had a super tight deadline) so, while a group started to sketch and prototype a landing page, the other one would be building a scale model.



Sunday: time to share

We had just Sunday morning to finish and review our work. We asked some colleagues to stopped over and take a look to our work in order to get feedback and improve the last little details. User testing is always always, even if you don't have much time to make all the improvements.

Finally we had the following:

- A scale model (which looks super cool) about a green festival.

- A landing page about us and our products.

- A promo video which was recorded that morning and it was a blast.  

So, after spending the whole weekend meeting new people, laughing with them, thinking a lot about how we could change and improve the world and sharing all our knowledge...Should I tell you that, of course, it was worth it?