Wireframing a financial institution

This project was the first one while I started to work at Minsait. I worked together with a senior UX Designer for first time and I was a bit concern about how the pace of work would be. 

I remembered that I loved to work together with a Senior because she was always reviewing my work and made me think with tricky questions. I loved that! A challenge is always welcome.

Our main goal was to redesign completely the webpage making it more friendly for the end user, adapting its contents but without losing the institutional essence.

First of all, we had to analyze the current webpage, all its contents, what made sense for the users, which new contents was going to be on, how show them, etc. I did a site map in order to get everything visible with a simple glance.

The client gave us some requirements, what was essential and what was the new contents should be included.

My college and I built a navigation tree to give order to all this contents and, also, to settle down everything.

We used Axure RP to build the prototypes and here you have some of them.

Some of the wireframes. 

Some of the wireframes.